About Us

NCMA was formed in 1959 to foster the professional growth and educational advancement of its members.


I. Our Vision

NCMA will lead and represent the contract management profession. Our vision is that enterprises will succeed through improved buyer–seller relationships based on common values, practices, and professional standards.

II. Our Mission

NCMA’s mission is to improve organizational performance through effective contract management.

III. Our Value Propositions

  • NCMA provides the tools, resources, and leadership opportunities to enhance each member of the profession’s performance, career, and accomplishments.

  • NCMA provides the structure, name recognition, and products directly and through chapters to contracting professionals worldwide.

  • NCMA provides employers ready access to skilled human capital, learning resources, best practices, standards, and metrics of the profession.

  • We enable other entities such as researchers, consultants, trainers, recruiters, advertisers and universities to gain broad access to defined segments of our community of practice and our Body of Knowledge for the purpose of advancing the profession and fulfilling their individual goals.

IV. Our Values

We are committed to:

  • Principled professional conduct and achievement, as dictated by the Contract Management Code of Ethics;

  • An open exchange of ideas in a neutral forum;

  • A culturally and professionally diverse membership;

  • Excellence in everything we do, especially our service to our members and the contract management community;

  • Continuing education, training and leadership opportunities through a network of local chapters;

  • Remaining the preeminent source of professional development for contract professionals;

  • Recognizing and rewarding professional excellence and superior individual achievement in support of the contract management profession;

  • Demonstrated professional achievement through certification; 

  • Quality volunteer leadership; and

  • Members’ highly principled freedom of action and responsibility to the people and organizations they serve.